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Push Play Sing helps anyone play music, regardless of their age or ability. We host mobile “Music Workshops” with adaptive musical instruments that are pre-programmed and harmonized to be in the same key. This eliminates any “wrong notes” or disharmonic sounds from being played, and it gives participants the opportunity to express themselves in a unique sensory environment.

Our workshops are designed for high need populations, including individuals with ASD, developmental disabilities, and also seniors with dementia. Since 2014, we’ve hosted over 400 music workshops and served over 500 individuals in the community.


workshops hosted

Keyboards, touch pads, synthesizers, and microphones help individuals musically express themselves. We encourage independent choice and meet everyone at their own ability level.



individuals served

We’ve worked in various schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Most notably we’ve hosted workshops at UNC’s Children’s Hospital, Duke’s Center for Autism and Brain Development, and also at the NIH’s Conference for Music in the Community.



hours of recorded music

All of our workshops are recorded for participants so that they can hear the music they’ve created. This also gives them an opportunity to share their original songs with friends and family.


Who We Are



Berk Ozturk

Berk first conceptualized Push Play Sing as a high school student, where he was inspired by the musical talents of his peers with disabilities. After earning his Master's in Music Technology from NYU, Berk returned to North Carolina to bring his passion for music in the community to life. When not hosting Push Play Sing workshops, Berk writes original music as a producer and also enjoys riding his bike around Carrboro.


Max Puhala

After writing an touring with original bands for over a decade, Max chose to step off the stage and hand his instruments to those in need. He mastered audio engineering as a studio producer in Durham, and brought that expertise to Push Play Sing. When not hosting workshops, Max teaches K-12 music and directs bucket drumming programs for at-risk youth.


EC Music Inclusion Program

Looking to provide your EC students with more inclusion opportunities? Our program helps accomplish this by utilizing music as the foundation for collaboration between EC students and their general education peers.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, get in touch with us by filling out the form below.


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Whether you’re interested in learning more about our programs or if you’re interested in scheduling a training tech demo with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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